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So, what do we do?

We help you by first understanding your needs. Our expertise is in finding the answers to questions that matter to you.  Within our network and firm, we can almost surely help you.  Feel free to contact us for a no-cost initial consultation.



Do you need assistance in strategic analysis? Are you unsure of your current strategy or need it refreshed?

Do you need someone to help you design and execute strategic planning that will involve stakeholders and achieve significant buy-in?

Have you a need for an environmental scan, competitive analysis, or needs assessment?

Do you need a facilitator for a strategic planning or visioning exercise?


Do you need to find out the latest and most relevant demographic developments affecting your organization, product, or policy development?

Is it important for you to know the major economic, social, and political trends that will impact your organization? 

Do you need a robust survey of employees and stakeholders to gauge satisfaction, aspirations, and/or gaps in your service or product delivery?

Do you hear about major trends like the housing affordability challenge, the skills gap, exchange rate fluctuations, immigration, and economic instability but need an assessment of these and how they will affect your organization?


Do you need to know the nature of the skills gap and what that means for your institution?

Do you need to assess the demand for post-secondary education in your region?

Have governance issues caught your attention and you need a review of Board roles and policy governance? 

Do you need advice on institutional challenges including on-line delivery, KPIs, organizational change, or international education?

Is your institutional research sufficient for your needs?

Have you reviewed your enrollment funnel, recruitment, access, and internationalization strategies recently?  


Do you need help designing and implementing mechanisms for stakeholder consultation to obtain input on plans, proposals, or policies? 

Are externally hosted and moderated community forums a part of your consultation plans?

Is a credible keynote speaker on trends, demographics, innovation or other relevant topics needed?


Have you a need for a review of relevant literature or legislation about a topic you need researched? 

Are you confused about all the forecasts that surround us and need a synthesis of relevant research? 

Would you benefit from an external review of your in-house reports?

Do you need your proposals and reports copy edited for clarity, coherence, and compliance?


Have you thought about a different need than is suggested here and would like to know how to fill that need?

Do you need specific custom research not listed above and want to know who can (or how to) do it?

Do you need specific help and want a referral to another agency or organization? 

Integrated Analytics & Research Ltd.
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New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada


Phone: +1 (604) 889 8950