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USMCA: Certainty of Access & the Price of Stability

Posted October 4, 2018

The US – Mexico – Canada Agreement (USMCA) is generally welcome news for business in Canada primarily because it provides stability in Canada’s trade relationships with the US and Mexico. But what does it mean for your business or organization?  Here we provide some highlights and talking points that will help you to Decide. Wisely

USMCA Talking Points: Certainty of Access & the Price of Stability

One Last Boom?: Current Oil Prices, Supply, and Demand

September 12, 2018

In February 2016, oil prices were around $30 bbl. We predicted they would rise to $45 by 3Q 2016. By September 2016 they were.

Currently, we argue that the recent increase in oil prices to the $70 USD range (from a low in the $30’s) may well signal the last boom in petroleum prices we will experience this century. Find out why.

Click HERE for article, analysis, charts, and talking points. 

China to Surpass US GDP by 2023: Implications

August 23, 2018 

At 10-year average growth rates, China’s GDP will surpass the GDP of the United States by 2023. What does this mean for you and your organization?

Click HERE for article. 

Metro Vancouver Municipalities Age at Different Rates

Chart: Age Distributions of Population in Metropolitan Vancouver Municipalities

August 23, 2018

Metro Vancouver municipalities have different population pyramids. What does this mean for your organization, school, or business? 

Click HERE for data. 

BC Population Growth Largely Due to Immigration

August 20, 2018

The low BC birth rate means population growth will be due almost entirely to immigration. Does this have implications for your organization?

Click HERE for data. Analysis to follow.  

College and University Enrolments will Decline Before Rebounding

August 15, 2018

We hear of a skills gap. With declining enrolments,it will be harder to recruit qualified graduates. What will you do?

Click HERE for charts.
Click HERE for analysis focussed on Educational Institutions 

Older News


    Not a boom, but gradual oil price increases to $45 US by 3Q 2016

    Posted February 15, 2016

    As growth in oil supply diminishes and demand growth continues (albeit at a diminished rate), the implied stock change (reserve growth) is declining. Global demand is currently 94.83 mb/d versus supply at 97.07 mb/d (4Q 2015) leaving a supply surplus of about 2.2 mb/d at the end of 2015. OPEC oil production totals are 32.6 mb/d as of January 2016 but grew by 1.7 bb/d in 2015 accounting for the bulk of the surplus. Around ¼ of this daily supply surplus at the end of 2015 has already been accounted for by diminished production and increased consumption in 2016 leaving current supply excesses (February, 2016) in the 1.87 mb/d range, some of which is being taken up by the building of strategic oil reserves. Current OECD reserves are pegged at 66 days supply. Further, demand for oil is projected to grow at 1.6 mb/d for 2016 leaving, other things being equal, little excess supply. By 3Q 2017, global supply and demand should, once again, be in balance. Part of this is being taken up by declines in US production (expected to diminish in 2016 by 0.535 mb/d) as well as declines in UK and other production. Against this, Canada’s output is expected to increase by 0.156 mb/d for 2016. Demand in the US is expected to remain flat for 2016 (but not decline) Demand continues to increase in China, India and the developing economies generally. Supply and demand balance by 3Q 2017 will gradually lead to price increases which should start to be able to be seen by 2Q 2016. 

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    March, 2018

    Homelessness continues to be an issue Canada-wide. But is it time for a Constitutional amendment to make housing a right?




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